Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the L word

The L word.

We all know it.

We all say it.

 Kids love pizza.

Women love a cute outift.

Men love...well, I don't know what men love.
Let's go with beer.


Now...go with me on this...

In high school, we date lots of different people trying to figure out who we are meant to be with in our lives. 

And, in our little minds and hearts, we fall in love which each person we "date," and we tell that person right away.

Why then, when we get older, do we say it's a big deal to say that L word?

Does something change?

Are we burned too many times in our younger years that we don't want to feel as trusting and open ourselves up like that again?

I just think it's interesting that in the transition between high school and college, we decide that using the L word means something more.

Does some switch get flipped while we're sleeping? Or, does it get flipped when we leave home, and we're on our own for the first time?

I remember wanting to tell Mr. GrapeJuice that I loved him for the first time.

I was so nervous because I didn't want it to be one sided.

And, truth be told, I had some liquid courage when I did say it.

He says I didn't technically say it because I said "I think I love you."


I still used the L word in our relationship vocabulary first.

What are your thoughts on this?

Why does the L word become a scary part of our vocabulary as we get older?