About Me

I am a GRITS {girl raised in the south}.

 I was almost an April Fool's baby...by about 2 hours.
 I am the oldest of three.
 I love Disney and am 99% sure that I am a Disney Princess.
{they just haven't written my story yet!}

I have lived in TN my whole life.
I love animals, especially black & white cats.
I love to perform.

I am young at heart.
I am married to my college sweetheart.
I am spastic and overly enthusiastic!
I am me.


  1. Holy balls we really are alike. And we both live in TN! Twilight Zone much....

  2. YES, GIRL! I love me some Southern everything (and yes, that includes grits). :) So happy to have stumbled upon you and your lovely blog!