Monday, December 31, 2012

WEverb day 31

I am currently writing this as I ride in the car on the way to my NYE destination, and I contemplated not writing this one at all after my photo review post.

BUT...since I did all the others, I'm not going to quit now!

December 31: grow [What is your biggest aspiration for 2013?]

My biggest aspiration for 2013 is to be healthy and happy! You can read more about my goals for the new year tomorrow here on the blog. But, for now, my biggest aspiration is to remember my motto: Anything Could Happen!!! {and to blog a lot more}


Year 2 in Photo Review

Can I just say that I love that I got married on NYE?
When I do these reviews, it not only review my year but my year of marriage too!
Love it!

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