Thursday, December 27, 2012

my Les Mis review

Let me preface this post by saying that I am huge musical theatre nerd. I did plays and musicals starting in 4th grade and up until I graduated from college. I have a minor in Theatre Arts, and had my college had a theatre major, I probably would have double majored. Sadly, it did not though, and so I am a teacher now and have not done a show since I graduated in 2009. {le sigh}


Last night, I went on a date with my husband. We ventured to the movies to see Les Miserables! It is one of my favorite shows to watch, and it is on my list of books to read. I will never forget the time I saw it 4th row in London. It was thrilling and life changing.

When they first started casting the musical movie version, I was a little hesitant. I mean, Les Mis is a huge undertaking. My husband said it best after we watched the movie, "I had forgotten the show had so much singing."

So, basically, my review is this...
I LOVED it...except when Cosette sang She sounded like a bleating goat. But, spoiler alert, I blubbered like a baby from the moment that Eponine sings "A Little Fall of Rain" and then dies. Just thinking about it draws tears to my eyes. And, if you're a teacher or mother or anyone with a compassionate heart, the death of Gavroche is especially hard to watch after the tragedy in CT. I have no shame in admitting that I covered my eyes during the shooting, and I still sobbed. At the end of the movie, I grabbed all the napkins from my husband just to mop up the tears. And, you know its a good movie when everyone claps at the end! Now, I want to go see the movie with people who will sing along out loud with me. Any takers?!

Also, sorry if I ruined the movie for you, but if you haven't been exposed to some form of Les Mis, I am sorry for you.


  1. I've been a huge Les Mis fan for awhile too! I loved the movie and my hubs and I are going to see it on stage in a couple of weeks! Can't wait!

    1. oh, i hope you enjoy the show when you see it! it's one of my favorites. when i graduated from hs, i travelled to London where I got to see Les Mis 4th row. it was life changing!!