Thursday, May 23, 2013

Start of Something New

This is an exciting time in my life, and I can't wait to tell you why!

Today is my last official day of teaching at my current school.
I'm a little misty eyed too because my babies are graduating tonight as well.
Another year is in the books.
But, as of the end of June, I will no longer be employed.
My husband and I are planning a move to the coast.

There are some things that are still up in the air.
But, I can't wait to start our new adventure

If you know someone hiring on the NC or SC coast, I would love to know!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

W.I.R.W. #7

I have been reading the Beautiful Creatures series these past weeks.
This past week, I read the novella between books two and three called Dream Dark.
It is only available as an ebook and is quite short.

If I had known the book was going to be that short, I don't think I would have bought it and read it.
However, I am hoping that it will shed some light on the the upcoming two books!
We will see though.
I can't wait to delve into book three now!

source :: goodreads

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Social {in fours}

Sunday Social

4 favorite things to do on a weekend:
now that it's warmer, hanging out at my parents' pool with the fam
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lounging on the couch
source ::

source ::

catching up on tv shows
source ::

4 favorite things about your best friend:
we text each other about New Girl every week
source ::

she gets my Disney obsession & is equally obsessed
source ::

our ability to get hurt is incomporable
source ::

we read and love to talk about the books {here}
source ::

4 things you would do with $100,000:
pay off my husband's debt

take a cruise "around the world"
source ::

buy my husband a new car
source ::

put the rest into a bank
source ::

4 favorite books you've ever read
The Secret History of the Pink Carnation {and the whole series}
source ::
One for the Money {and the whole series}

Delirium {and the whole triology}
source ::

The Last Lecture

4 favorite snack foods
The Better Chip
source ::
source ::

chocolate {but, really, who doesn't love chocolate?}
source ::

source ::

4 things that you must do daily
kiss my husband
check my phone {email, twitter, facebook, calendar}
source ::

check the weather
source ::

put on makeup
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