Our Story

My husband is a Yankee. 
He lived in NY {not the city} his whole life until he came to NC for college.
He is the youngest of two.
He is a sports fanatic.

We met at college in NC on a snowy evening.
He thought I was crazy for celebrating flurries.
About a month later, we started dating.
Our first date was on Valentine's Day.
Cliche, yes, but back in January, we had promised to be each other's valentines since neither of us had technically had one before.
 We graduated from college in 2009, and the next weekend he proposed while we were celebrating our graduation on a trip to Atlantic City.
He moved to TN with me, and we both got jobs.
We got married on NYE in 2010.
{see pictures}
As of January 2013, we have known each other for 5 yrs.
We love to travel and lounge around on the couch.
Our next life goal is to move to the beach, but who knows when that may happen!


  1. Hello Cassie, visiting from the SITS forums and love your beautiful blog and wedding pictures. My husband and I met at college in NC as well and our school color just happens to be the color of your husbands vest, if that gives you a hint. :). I love the Weverb challenge posts you are completing as well, what a great way to focus on the positive in your life. I try to do that in my blog as well as I cope with a chronic illness that tests my ability to stay positive. Hope you will visit!

  2. Hi! I am also visiting from SITS. I saw that you are from TN. What part? My husband was raised in Memphis and we will probably end up back that way in the next few years.

  3. Hi found you on SITS as I was reading through thought that I would drop by, you are off to a great start...I am a newbie as well,my blog is about healthy living, stop if you would.

    Fit and Beyond 40

  4. Move to Pensacola, FL-- it's still considered the South and we have the must beautiful, sugary sand beaches! And we can meet up, a blate. HEHE

  5. I'm a North Carolina native and miss it every day here in season-less Florida. Thank Goodness I have family in NC to keep me coming back every few months. Where'd you go to school in NC? I went to school there too! Your story sounds just perfect. Bless you. :)