The Wedding

My husband and I were married on December 31st, 2010! 
Here are some of the photos from that day.
If you like the photography, check out Framed from Fletcher!
Jonathan and Blakley are wonderful.
Getting Ready

Hanging Out w/ the Girls

The Boys Hanging Out

The Welch Men Getting Ready

Husband Loves My Card and Letter {because it was awesome} & Me Disappointed {because there was no love letter}

 Details & Accessories

Getting Beautiful @ the Church

Striking Many Poses

Before the Walk

The Men

My Handsome Man

The Ladies

The First Look {that I had to beg for}

The Getting Hitched Part

The Unity Candle & Exit

The Reception Details

The Head Table

The Cutting of the Cake

The First Dance

The Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances

The Bouquet Toss {that no one wanted to catch...}

The Garter Toss

 Dancing Fools

The Dollar Dance

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The Countdown the Midnight

The Goodbye 
{note: sparklers when misting only create smoke}