Monday, November 11, 2013

Kiss the Girl

In honor of my 200th post {party!!!!!}, I am talking first kisses!! Do you remember your first kiss? I sure do and man was it A.W.K.W.A.R.D.

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Let me lay it out for you...

I was about 14, and it was in a movie theatre with my second "official" boyfriend. Now, you might think that it was during a romantic part of the movie, but you'd be wrong because we were watching the movie Lilo & Stitch. {You remember that I love all things Disney, right?} And, our kiss happened on our walk out of the movie theatre. We were holding hands as we walked out and made eye contact. It was magical knowing I was about to be kissed. I closed my eyes and anticipated the kiss...but he missed!

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It wasn't like he aimed for my mouth and got my eyebrow because that would have been hugely scaring and emotionally damaging. He did however kiss the side of my mouth, which was just plain disappointing.

But, I couldn't just let it lie and smile gratefully. Oh, no. I had to call the guy on it. I vividly remember saying, "You missed." And then, we argued about it. Not a knock-out, drag down argument but just a little playful tiff. I think my goal in saying that was to get him to try again...but he didn't. I remember being sad about that too.

Was you first kiss like that too? Awkward and embarrassing? Or, did you have a great first kiss like I did with my husband?

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We were hanging out in my friend Kelly's dorm room. I was acting silly, as I'm apt to do, and I ended up right in front of his face. I don't remember what I was saying, but I remember seeing that look in his eyes and thinking, "Omigod! He's going to kiss me!" And then, he did. It was magical. My insides exploded like fireworks, and I obviously had to run and tell my girl Kelly. So I left Mr. GrapeJuice standing there in the room as I squealed my news to Kelly!

A perfect first kiss...just like every one since then.

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