Tuesday, February 5, 2013

31 days of blogging {day one}

a recent picture & 15 facts about me

1. I am the oldest of three.
2. I love crime dramas - BONES, The Following, Sherlock, etc.
3. I miss college.
4. I have a degree in education but may leave the field soon.
5. My husband and I are only 7 months apart in age. I'm the older one.
6. I am very cold natured & always have a sweater on or am wearing long sleeves.
7. I have ambitions of moving to the beach.
8. I have always owned a pet.
9. I am an organizational wiz at work but not at home.
10. My eyes are blue and green.
11. I have tons of freckles, especially on my shoulders.
12. I love to be on stage and perform.
13. Snorkeling makes me feel claustrophobic.
14. I do not like elevators.
15. I am an overachiever.

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