Monday, February 25, 2013

31 days of blogging {days nineteen - twenty one}

write about a sweet memory from you past
when my husband and i were dating, we lived in our college town over the summer to attend classes. my husband got a job at a package facility and worked the night shift. one morning, when he got home, he had breakfast from mcdonald's for the two of us to eat in bed. it was nice to wake up to!

write a letter to someone
to my husband:
i know i frustrate you, but i don't do it intentionally. i love when you are sweet to me after i have rough day at work. i know that i can be aggravating too, but no matter what i do that upsets you, i will always love you. you are the bread to my butter for now, for ever, and for always.
your wife

a picture of something that makes you happy

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