Monday, February 18, 2013

31 days of blogging {days twelve - fourteen}

what would i find in your bag?

this is my new vera bradly tablet hipster, & i love it!
 in it, you might find...
my iPad
my iPhone
a pair of earbuds
chapstick/lip balm
my vera bradley wallet
 a pen or two
& lots of receipts!

your favorite books & why
{these are just a few recent reads. there are so many more!}

it was a great suspense read. it was free. & i was in the mood for something different. 

this was a great hunger games style book...but with princesses!
if you liked hunger games and are a disney princess like me, then this is a must read.
{it's supposed to be a trilogy!}

what a beautiful story! it took awhile for me to get into the story, but once i did, i couldn't put it down!!

a picture of you and your family
 us with our parents on our wedding day

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  1. Definitely need to find a copy of "The Selection," it sounds perfect for me!