Monday, April 1, 2013

That Time I Became a Disney Princess {part three}

Okay, so to recap...I have started my journey into royalty {read about it here}, and I have my outfit ready {read about that here}.

Now, it's on to race day!!!!
As someone nicely said towards the end of the run to cheer us on:
"It's just another morning workout on a magical road!"
And, I wholeheartedly agree with her.

First, we start with the morning alarm...
{look @ that time!!! also, I did not hit snooze!}

Then, we got ready & headed off to the race.
It was easy to get there because we opted to stay at a host resort.
Mr. GrapeJuice and I had never stayed at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel before so we thought now was a pretty good time. And, I didn't really feel like trying to figure out how to get to the race with road closures in a relatively unfamiliar area.
So, if you decide to run this race, or any Disney race for that matter, stay at a host resort, and they'll shuttle you there!

Once at the race, we hung out in the "waiting" area and partied.
We got some pictures taken and just had a blast soaking it all in!

Finally, it was time to head off to our corrals.
And, boy, was that a looooong but very exciting walk!
They warn you ahead of time to be prepared to walk to the starting point, but I was a little surprised by how much walking we did.
It was a good warm up though, and I got to see this awesome sign!!

Once at our corrals, we waited around anxiously for the start.
Truth be told, I'm not even sure how long we waited because I was in awe of everything.
This was my first race EVER!

Finally, it was time for our corral to start and off we went on our magical journey to become Disney Princesses!

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