Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's My Birthday!!!

Only, I'm not.
I refuse to believe that!
Although, if I'm being perfectly honest, I did feel that way until a couple weeks ago.
Somehow, I had an epiphany as I was driving in my car.
I realized that I have 25 whole years until I'm 50.
I got this!
There's so much I can do in that time.
abso - freaking - lutely!

But, first, a reflection of sorts.
Here's what I was doing 10 years ago...celebrating my 16th birthday!
I was getting the keys to my first car & trying to navigate "successfully" through high school.

In the ten years since this moment, I have:
graduated from high school & college
moved out of my parent's house
gotten my first big girl job
totaled two cars
bought my own house
gotten married
traveled internationally to - Hawaii, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, San Juan, Roatan, Grand Turk, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Nassau, Costa Maya, Cozumel, and London
bought a car on my own
& so much more!

Have an extra sweet today & celebrate my birthday with me!
{tweet a picture if you're so inclined @mrsgrapejuice}

Oh...and, Happy Easter!

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