Monday, March 11, 2013

Made My Heart Melt


Yesterday, I went with my family to see Oz. It was a great movie, and I really hope that they continue with the series.

But, that's not what made my heart melt.

What made my heart melt happened about 30 minutes into the film.

An older gentleman who had gone back to the concession stand to refill his drink wandered into our row. He seemed confused and disoriented. I asked if I could help him, but he was determined that he had just temporarily displayed the woman he was with. So, he sat down at the end of our row. I warily watched him and was genuinely worried about it, but I didn't know what to do.

Then, my niece came to the rescue...well, she and her pea-sized bladder did! ;) She marched up to me and announced that she had to go potty. Being the awesome aunt I am, I scooped her up, and we made our way out to the bathroom. While we were in the foyer, I kept my eye out for someone who was searching for the lost gentleman. I had no luck. :(

Maybe 10 to 20 minutes after we got back, my husband stepped out to use the bathroom. On his way out, he stopped to ask the gentleman if he was in the correct theater. The man was adamant that he was. So, my husband went on his way. Lo and behold, there was a concerned woman the concession stand looking for the man. My husband informed them where they could find the lost man.

Apparently, the man was in the wrong theater, as we suspected. He wasn't there to see Oz; he was there to see Jack the Giant Slayer.

I'm so thankful that my husband and I {but mostly my husband} took the initiative to help the older gentleman find his way.

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