Thursday, March 28, 2013

That Time I Became a Princess {part two}

So, yesterday, I began my tale of how I became a Disney princess! You would think that the training would be the hardest part of becoming a princess, but it was surprisingly not. The hardest part was finding a Rapunzel "costume" of which my husband approved. Now, I have to confess that I did wait until the last minute, per my usual style, but it was still hard to find something perfect.

Here's what I eventually came up with:

{before I did my hair}

 {with my hair added}

{and from the back}

hair: child's Rapunzel wig
shirt: reebok
skirt: sparkle skirts
shoes: brooks {which Mr. GrapeJuice gave me for Christmas}
nails: play date by essie

For the wig, I had to get a little creative. All the wig hair came attached to headband crown that was supposed to rest on my head. It was very uncomfortable, and I knew it would not last 13.1 miles. So, on the Friday before race, I got a brainstorm to see how the hair was attached. I was praying that it was attached with hot glue...and it was! So, on the way down to FL, I ripped it all off!

Then, I spent the next two hours trying to figure out how to pin it into my hair for the race & taking pictures of it.

Mr. GrapeJuice, however, had no problem finding the pieces he needed. I'm not sure where all he got his pieces because he got most of them online, but I will say that I had to remove the sleeves from his blue shirt to make it "perfect" for him. Oh, my over zealous husband! =]

Here he is striking his Flynn Rider "pose:"

Stay tuned next week for more about my transformation! I will finally post pictures from the race and our trip to Disney World the days after we became royalty. =]

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