Saturday, March 9, 2013

31 days of blogging {days twenty six - thirty one}

list ten things you are thankful for
my husband
my family
my health
my friends
my job
my talents
my life
my faith
a world of possibilities
time {even though there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything}

my day job vs. my passion
I am a teacher; I shape young minds. The more I get into the business the more pressure I feel because of how important my job is every moment. However, I would give it all up to stay at home, keep house, and run my own business.

cruise a thesaurus & pick out ten words you sound like

favorite TV shows & why you like them
BONES :: I love Booth and Brennan; plus, they solve some pretty cool crimes
How I Met Your Mother :: I love the gang! I can only hope my life is as awesome as theirs one day.
New Girl :: I am Jess. This show is honest and makes me laugh.
Castle :: Beckett and Castle have a great dynamic. I love to watch them solve crimes too!
NCIS :: Who doesn't love Gibbs?! And, Tony & Ziva are super cute together, whether they realize it or not.
Once Upon a Time :: I just love fairy tales. :)

movies you can watch again & again
Pitch Perfect
Tangled...or any Disney Princess movie, really
Harry Potter
When In Rome
Dear Frankie
Leap Year
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

what is your wish for the new year?
for a happy, fruitful life

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  1. I love Bones and NCIS. We started watching Once Upon on Time and then got away from it for some reason. Every time I see the previews it makes me want to start again though.