Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day Fourteen :: Movies Make the World Go Around

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I saw two movies, and I bet you can guess exactly which ones they are before I even show you the pictures.

The first one I saw was...

source :: pinterest

I love, love, loved it. Jennifer Lawrence is my girl, and she rocked it! Plus, my favorite part of the whole experience was the end scene when everyone gasped...because they clearly hadn't read the books. Way to go, America. Pick up a novel sometime!

The other one I saw was...

source :: pinterest

It was spectacular! I saw it with my niece and my sister, and I can't stop singing the songs. They're absolutely perfect, and there're so many quotable moments in it. Just go on Pinterest and search "Frozen." You'll be glad you did. Now...I just need to convince my husband to go see it with me again!

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