Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day Nineteen :: The Dream Life

Yesterday, my husband bought a ticket for the Mega Millions because we like to dream about winning. I mean, what would you do with 314 million dollars in one payout????? That's a lot of moo-la. If I had that kind of cash lying around, here's what my life might look like...

 a house at the beach, preferably on the beach
source :: my design chic

a ford thunderbird to cruise the area
source :: motor trend

a fabulously big closet
source :: paloma 81

a life of leisure wouldn't be too bad either
source :: the girls wearing pearls

Those are my top wants, but I'd obviously find some kind of job to do too. I wouldn't be able to stand it sitting at home all day long; I'd eventually get bored of myself. Maybe I'd go into party planning. I'm fairly decent at that. But, that dream is for another day when one day we come into a large sum of money through a crazy coincidence that is not explainable. For now though, I'm perfectly content with the life that I am leading. =]

What's your dream life like??

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