Monday, June 18, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting

If you follow me on twitter or are my friend on facebook, you probably noticed a lot of cuteness going on! Well, my sister's babysitter was out of town on vacation, and, since I'm a teacher and off on summer vacation, she asked me to watch Olivia.

Of course, I said yes!! It was a total no brainer. Spend time with a cute kid? Duh!

I just wanted to post some pictures of all the things we did last week. I'm sure you've seen 'em all by now, but, I wanted to get back into the habit of blogging so I'm starting here! She's a cutie patootie, in my humble opinion, but I might be a little biased since we're related!

{she put on her rainboots and watched the world outside as it rained}

 {Olivia and I}

{please excuse my nasty cough and severely ugly face at the end}

{chillin' in Olive Garden waiting for our lunch}

{she found a pair of my reading glasses}

{munching on some oreos}

 {she refused to let me leave nearly every day}

 {my sister and the little one}

{playing with her new toy at McD's}

{gettin' her drink on}

{eating popcorn with a spoon}

{"cleaning" the house}

My sister blogs all about her adventures with Liv if you want to check it out! {Liv.Laugh.Love.} And, how can you say no to such a sweet girl!

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