Monday, June 25, 2012

For Izzy

I don't mean to be a downer on a beautiful Monday, but I just had to share this story. It's quite wordy, but I promise you'll get to see the cutest baby at the end!!!

First, here's a little background:
I attended Belmont Abbey College in NC, and while there, I performed in the theatre.

Last week, I saw a post on facebook from one of my directors and his wife about a former Belmont Abbey student.

Here's what it said {posted on June 18}:
This young lady had her first child three weeks ago. The baby, Isabel Virgina, arrived at 30 weeks and at 2 Lb, 3oz. SHE is doing very well. Almost up to 4 pounds!
Wyndi has now suffered a stroke. It happened after going to the ER late last night. She was treated for vertigo, medicated, and sent home.
The doctors are doing everything they know what to do.
Please pray for Wyndi, her husband Daniel, and baby Izzy. . ."

Then, a couple days later, I see this {posted June20}:
"Wyndi passed this evening, surrounded by her families, Debbie and Christopher. Eight people were allowed to be with her at the end. She was an organ donor, and when we were in the waiting room after it was over, about twenty minutes later her husband Dan called us to attention and announced that her kidneys and liver had already been transplanted. From this unspeakable tragedy comes new life, and it was comfortning to know that while we grieved, other families found joy as their loved ones received the gift of life from Wyndi."

And, today, I saw this:
"Please visit It's a tragic story but it doesn't have to have a tragic ending."

Naturally, I headed over to the site to see what it was all about because little miss Izzy is super cute! And, here's what the About Us section has to say:
"The idea for began June 19, 2012 in a CMC-Main waiting room. Isabel Virginia Sifford, then only a few weeks old, was being treated in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after being born 10-weeks premature. Her mother, Wyndi Bostic Sifford, a healthy and happy 29-year-old, had days earlier suffered a massive and debilitating stroke that would eventually take her life.
. . .
What We Need From You
Isabel has already been dealt the cruelest blow: she will never know her mother. However, we hope this website will serve as a time capsule of sorts to allow Izzy to know her mom as we did: a caring, kind, and loving woman who cherished her family and friends. We have created a section of the website called "About Wyndi." Post your stories about Wyndi there. Isabel may never meet her mom but when she's old enough to read your posts, she'll know her mom."

The last bit "What We Need From You" nearly broke my heart! It's so honest and so real. If you have a moment today, please check out the site. I promise you'll get to see the cutest little girl!! And, if you have it in your heart, please donate your money, your thoughts, your prayers, or any combination of what you can do to help sweet Izzy and her daddy.

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