Friday, June 29, 2012

a Year & a Half

Mr. GrapeJuice and I will somewhat "celebrate" being married for a year and half during the millisecond between midnight on June 30th {tomorrow} and 12:01 on July 1. And, by celebrate, I mean that I am going to revel in the memories of our wedding while he is sleeping off the many drinks I'm sure he will have tomorrow. {He's golfing, and we're going to a BBQ.} And, how better to update you quickly {since I seriously suck at blogging}, than with pictures. Lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures!!!!

Here are some from our special day on New Year's Eve 2010!
{in case you haven't seen them}

 {my dress}

 {the bridesmaid dresses with the hangers I made them}

 {the necklace my grandmother made me & my shoes with clip on earrings for a little extra sparkle}

{my flowers put together by my mother with the family heirloom wedding handkerchief}

 {me in my dress; one of my fav pics!!}

 {our first look}

 {the girls and I}

 {mr. grapejuice and his merry men ;)}

{the boys messing around}

{our first dance}

 {kissing @ midnight}

{some reception details}

We haven't done much since celebrating our one year anniversary. We went to a wedding in February, and I just have to say that college weddings are a blast!

{us @ the wedding with a couple of college friends}

{matchy matchy us}

 {messing around between group pictures}

 {my big and I}

 {my apartment mates from senior year}

 {dancing like fools}

 {sorority picture with our bigs and littles}

 {with my big again}

 {my twin, my big, and me}

{the twin and I}

 {mr. grapejuice doing the worm}

 {breaking it down on the dance floor too!}

We also went on a cruise with the whole family! It was absolutely fun but not much relaxing was had. We ventured to St. Thomas/St. John's, St. Martin/St. Maarten, Barbados, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts. I'll be honest - I didn't take many pictures of the two of us together. I'm obsessed with nature photos! In fact, I think I only have two pictures of us together during the whole vacation. One "professional" from one of the ship's formal nights and one from when we went zip lining in St. Lucia.

{mr. grapejuice}

{mr. grapejuice, rihanna (our guide through the rainforest), and me}

{our professional photo that I edited; a group of our new friends forced us into taking the photo because the poses were absolutely terrible and seriously awkward!!!}

Here's to hoping the future is just as great as the past 18 months of marriage have been!

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