Monday, June 11, 2012


It's been forEVER since I've written anything!
My life kind of got out of hand.
School was a little overwhelming.
Then, my house became a hoarder's dream.
It was embarrassing.
So, I cleaned it!
In the process of cleaning, I found out that I have a problem.
A...shoe problem!

This is just one "pile"of shoes that I own.
Here are the rest.

 {I have one shoe hanger for my closet door}

{I have another shoe hanger in my closet .}

{And, then, there's the floor!!!}

I always thought that a girl couldn't have too many shoes. I also figured that I didn't have that many shoes. Apparently, I was seriously wrong! I haven't managed to go through them all and count them,'s a lot! I'm thinking that I might need to part with some that I haven't worn in awhile. There are just so many memories attached to them!

Do you have as many shoes as I do? How do you organize them?

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