Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seize the Summer!

I have big plans for myself this summer, and I figured I'd post about them on the first official day of summer - TODAY! 
1. As a teacher, I take the summer to review how the past year went and what I can do in the upcoming year to make it better. So, I'll be doing that as well as getting everything ready for my classroom too! {my teaching blog} Even though this pretty much explains me {and every other teacher} to a T!

2. My in-laws visited a week and a half ago, and, obviously, I had to clean my house. Now, my goal is to "keep" it clean. To help with that, I found a great cleaning calendar {here} that I have posted in my kitchen. I want to get a cute frame and hang it on the wall, but this'll do in the meantime. I also bought an iRobot yesterday!!! If you don't have one of these, you are completely missing out. It's completely awesome because I can vacuum and clean somewhere else at the same time. Total score!!
3. I want to get my body healthy and in shape! This means lots of fresh food and plenty of exercise. I'm very comfortable with how I look, and I've pretty much accepted it {except on "girl" days, as I call them, when I feel completely disgusting - you know what I mean}. Mainly, I just want to get the jiggle under control and prepare myself for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2013. {check out my "princess training" tab above!}
 4. I am going to go on vacation to the beach come hell or high water!!! I want to sit/lay on the beach and drink yummy drinks with girl talk and chick lit books. Anybody want to come with?!
5. Last year, my parents put in a pool at their place. So, I'll obviously be there a lot too getting my tan on! I cannot tell you the last time I had a legit tan...probably because I NEVER have! When I went on my cruise this past March, I got a little bit of color and, by going outside for recess nearly the rest of the school year, I managed to maintain it. Now, I've got some great color and am not see through anymore!!!

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