Monday, January 14, 2013

A "Surprise" Visit

Before Christmas, I planned to have one my husband's good friends from college come visit us this weekend! I'm super proud of myself because we planned to keep it a secret from my husband. :)

I casually tried to clean the house over the week so that it would be somewhat decent for when our friend Kerbs arrived. When I got home on Friday, I tidied up a few last minute things and tried to keep my husband from doing the bathroom renovation he had planned to do this weekend while we waited for Kerbs to arrive.

Kerbs arrived about 30 minutes after I got home when we were "getting ready" to go run. He knocked on the door, and my husband thought he was the neighbor. It was really funny to have my husband open the door and ask me if I knew Kerbs was coming. I tried to hide my smile and deny it, but it was impossible!

The boys had a great time hanging out at bars and catching up after not seeing each other since July! We had grand plans to go to Nashville on Saturday and bar hop, but then it poured down rain so we hung with my family instead & watched football.

I feel like the best wife EVER right now!


  1. Aww what I fun surprise! I'm a terrible secret keeper when it comes to surprising Sully!

  2. That is definite best wife ever stuff! How sweet :)