Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Not Celebrate Your 2nd Anniversary

Let's start at the very beginning...

In 2011, my husband and I spent our first anniversary in Buffalo, NY. We did not get each other Christmas gifts that year, and no matter how hard I tried, Mr. GrapeJuice rejected the idea of giving each other gifts for our anniversary too. I was content with that, but I thought he'd at least give me a card. Nope! No card. :( I gave him one though.

Enter 2012! I thought it would be different. I thought I would get a card. Nope! Wrong again. I guess I have too much faith in my husband. Again, I gave him one!

We had to run to the store before our trip out of town, and he SMARTLY picked one up then.

We decided to spend our anniversary in a town about 2 hours away from where we live so we booked a hotel room that was in walking distance from our NYE destination. We had no intention of driving!

We got to the hotel room and decided to get ready since the hotel we stayed at had a bar. We went down to the bar and had a drink. They also had some Champagne for sale so we bought two splits of that for later since the bar would be closed by 10pm.

Then, we headed off to our destination - a dinner riverboat cruise! It was super cold outside as we walked to the boat. We decided not to bring coats because we didn't want to fool with them.

We got to the boat early and enjoyed some apps and drinks! They had this wonderful key lime pie shot that I enjoyed three times over. Yummmm! As we boarded the boat, we picked up some NYE accessories to don during the countdown.

They seated us at our table, and we literally sat right on top of two other couples around our age. They packed us in like sardines! Dinner was buffet style, and I enjoyed the salad. We were one of the last tables called up to eat so the food was picked over. We almost didn't get dessert!

During dinner, we spoke with the couples next to us and really bonded with one from Louisiana! They were on their honeymoon, and we partied with them for the night. Kelsey is a dance teacher so we got out on the dance floor and broke it down. I even learn how to wobble, which might be the source of my sore knee!

Once we docked, we took our champagne flutes {whether we were supposed to or not}, got a bottle of champagne, and made our way to the bar that had the apps earlier in the night. We toasted the new year and became Facebook friends. Then, we said our goodbyes and headed back to our own hotels.

This is where it gets ugly...

Mr. GrapeJuice and I turned the TV on and got ready to celebrate the new year, central time zone style. We drank both our splits of champagne, and then called it a night, or at least we thought we had.

Until, the fire alarm started blaring at 3:00 in the morning! We contemplated actually getting out of bed and going downstairs, like good little rule followers. Well, we thought it would stop and decided to stay in the room. It didn't stop though so we got out of bed and headed downstairs. Somehow, I managed to grab my watch and the room key but not my phone, which is always glued to me. It felt weird not to have it as we stood outside and froze.

The fire department arrived and cleared the hotel...but they couldn't turn the alarm off. The person who pulled the alarm didn't just pull the lever...they pulled it OFF the wall!!! Ugh... We tried to wait it out by sitting on the balcony where we couldn't here the alarm, but it was cold. Then, we went downstairs. By about 4:30am, I was over it and had Mr. GrapeJuice go talk to the management about what was going to be done. They said that if we left then we would only be responsible for the bar charge so that's what we did.

Then, we drove 2 hours home in the rain, and immediately went to bed. We did not wake up until after noon yesterday. I know it wasn't the hotel's fault, but it totally ruined our night.

Maybe next year will be better?

I can only hope that my husband actually remembers to get me a card at least. That will be an improvement!


  1. Oh man, oh man. Oh man. I'm so sorry lady! I was reading and everything sounded so great and I couldn't imagine how things would go wrong. And crap, that really sucks. I'm glad you didn't have to pay for the hotel but that inconvenience is horrible. I'm crossing my fingers for better luck for you next year.

    And seriously, Mr GrapeJuice, BUY YOUR LADY A CARD!

    P.S. Happy anniversary and happy new year! I'm sure you'll be laughing at this in a few years? hahahah

  2. What is it about pranksters and hotel fire alarms? Really? Are you 12? This happened to us a couple of years ago when we stayed at a hotel before vacation to catch a 6am flight. 2 hours before our 5am wake up call, cue fire alarm and mandatory hotel evacuation. Great start to vacation. But.. one day, this will probably be the highlight of the story telling memory ;)