Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happies & Crappies {the first}

I found this awesome new blog hop that was just started yesterday! I'm so excited to be a part of this awesomeness!! Plus, the button is super fabulous because it's all glittery and stuff!!!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up 

~ I had a two hour delay at school on Tuesday because of "ice." It was nice to get up, drink some hot chocolate, read a book, & then go to work.
~ I had a hair appt on today. I love when people play with my hair!
~ Our bathroom reno is going really well. It's taken some hard work and lots of thinking, but we're making progress!
~ I got my new dishwasher! :)
~ Layla (@ohdearitsLayla) had her sweet baby boy!!!!
~ It's a three day weekend.
~ I'm proud of myself for keeping up with blogging each week.

~ I love teaching kids, but it makes me soooo tired. I never knew 4yo had so much energy.
~ It took over two weeks for my new dishwasher to get to my house.
~ It's going to cost around $600 to replace one of our exterior doors.
~ I have piles of laundry to do.
~ My family has many medical issues going on right now {thankfully, I'm not one of them}, but it's enough to stress a girl out!


  1. Oooh you teach four year olds?! Whew!!! I teach second grade and come Friday... I'm TIRED.
    Enjoy your three day weekend! Thanks for linking up with us =)

  2. thanks for linking up for our Happies and Crappies inauguration! isn't Layla's son just adorable? that little face makes me smile all the way through the computer. Have fun on your 3 day weekend! hope you'll link up with us again next friday :)