Thursday, January 16, 2014

{day sixteen} Do You Wanna See a Movie?

What movie(s) did you see in 2013 that you would recommend to a friend to watch?

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I really, really do. I love them almost as much as I love books. Of course, the books are always better than the movie. That's a no brainer. You can get so much more back story from a book than you can a movie. 

Now, as I was getting this post ready, it occurred to me that I have pretty much already written it - here. So, rather than inundating with the same information, you can just go there to read about my recs. I'm sure there were other movies released in 2013 that I loved, but those two stick out the most!

Also, in you are curious, there's talk about turning Frozen into a Broadway musical. I die!!! One - I would love to play Anna. Two - I just want to see how it translates to the stage. {here's the article}

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