Monday, October 7, 2013

Brain Dump

Ever since Blogtember ended....I have no idea what to write about. Nothing extremely fascinating has been happening in my life right now. Although, the other weekend, I did go to Wilmington to see my friend Mary {whom I blog with over @ The FunEmployed Ladies} and her boyfriend.

Mary & I

with Mr. GrapeJuice

We had a lot of fun, and it totally resparked our desire to move out there as soon as possible!

In other news, I'm considering re-designing my blog. I'm thinking a more clean cut look might be nice. And, since the crispness of Fall is descending upon us, I feel a lot more indoor days are coming! Plus, I have a new headshot photo I'd like to use...and I just don't think it'll mesh well with the current design.

So, that's my Monday Ramblings for you...!

Hope you all have a wonderful week & that it feels like Fall where you are.
I'm debating whether or not to break out the boots already or not.
Have you??

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