Wednesday, October 30, 2013

W.I.R.W. #20

So, last week, I was telling you about the new Meg Cabot book I was reading, and I finished it over the weekend. It was such great book! I was a little sad about how it ended because it ended so quickly. However, it was the perfect ending to the book!

Then, I picked up the new Bridget Jones book to read because I loved the first two books in the series.

source :: goodreads

Sadly, I just couldn't connect with Bridget like I did with the other books and the movie. The thing is...the new book is kind of depressing. I don't want to go into too many details and spoil it for whomever is out there and plans on reading it, but Bridget is 51 years old in the book. I just couldn't wrap my poor little head around her new life. Maybe I'll pick it up again one day, but it's not my cup of tea right now.

However, I found this book as I was straightening the shelves where I work. You know, at the library! =]

source :: goodreads

We all know that I love me some twitter, and I was desperately looking for something quick and fun to read. This book has definitely fit the bill! If you want to read a love story written mostly through twitter convos, then you've found your match!!

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