Monday, October 14, 2013

You Gotta Have a Gimmick

I'm a sucker for a gimmick. I know this about myself, and I still can't help myself when I find a unique item. Take for example my more recent find at Walgreens - 4C Green Tea.

You mean, I can just pop this new cap on my existing water bottle and enjoy some delicious tea without having to pour powder into my water bottle and have it stick to the top and make my water disgusting to drink??? Cool!

So, I obviously bought it and brought it home. =] First step, read the directions.

Now, I messed up a little bit here. I read one step...and then did it. Then, I did step two and step three. I would definitely recommend drinking a little water first though. Here's why...

It makes a mess. So, you should probably read all the directions first and pay close attention to the last one. The cap is good for two bottles of water. Um...I put one whole cap in a I had to do this to water it down a bit.

But, it is absolutely delicious, and it's easy to do...when you don't spill water everywhere like I did. =]

Oh, and here's how it works!

There's foil holding in the liquid.

So, when you press down the top, it punctures the foil {kind of like the Keurig} and releases the liquid into your water in a "flavor explosion!"

It's not a bad deal either. The box of six caps is $3 and each cap is meant for two bottles of water. That's 25 cents a "piece." It definitely gets a thumbs up from this girl! Plus, green tea is good for you too. =]

note :: i was not compensated in anyway to write this review. i just wanted to tell you how awesome this product is!

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