Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting Fit

 So, my goal for June is to get back in shape.
Why, you may ask?
Because during the month of May I was a piggy and ate every bit of chocolate I could find to ease the end of the school year stress.
Did it work?
Um...more than I wanted it to!!
I gained 10 pounds.

After I ran the Country Music Half Marathon in April, I took a break from running.
I had so much going on in my life with end of the year duties, getting my house ready to sell, etc. I just never found time for myself to go and run.
Now that it's summer though, I have the time in the morning to run.
I also found this great little calendar to do during the month of June.

So, I'm running and doing some core work AND tracking everything I eat & do on My Fitness Pal.
If you want to be friends on MFP, leave me your MFP name in the comments below.
Let me just tell you though, I'm disgusted with myself and my eating habits.
Ugh, who knew there were so many calories in so many different "good" foods?!

Here's hoping I can kick these bad food habits and pick up good healthy ones!

source :: bryan marcel, perf-fect tumblr


  1. Cassie!!! I just pinned this abs calendar as long as a pushup one! Let's be friends on MFP! sparke10 is my username. I'm thinking of training for another race in October but only a 5k!

    1. I just finished "friending" you on MFP. What race are you thinking of training for? Maybe, if I'm still here, I can do it too! I am doing The GloRun in July. It's a 5k at night with music and backlights!