Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Weekend Adventures!

This past weekend, my gal pal Lindsey came in to town, and we had an absolute blast!

On Thursday, we went down to a relatively new restaurant called The Pharmacy and had some amazing burgers. We also had some phosphate sodas. Lindsey got the Orange Creamsicle, and I got the Cream Soda. Then, we played mini golf and visited the Opryland Hotel to get our picture taken at our favorite spots! I got my first ever hole in one during our mini golf game! It was definitely dumb luck. =] We also met a cute little froggy outside the hotel that was just chillin' on the wall.

On Friday, Lindsey and I wanted to go hang out at my parents' pool for the day, but God had different plans. He decided that a blown tire was in the plans for the day.

 Thank goodness Lindsey was with me because she was putting a positive spin on everything. And, thankfully, a random stranger stopped and helped us! He changed the tire for two helpless girls and then made sure we got to Discount Tire in one piece.

Once I got two new tires, we finally headed over to my parents' place. Lindsey got to enjoy the pool while I got ready for an interview via Skype. After my interview, I enjoyed some pool time, and then we went downtown. We visited the Corsair distillery. I didn't much care for it, but it was a fun time! Then, we went BrickTop's and enjoyed some delicious food thanks to a gift card I won back in February. I had the Sea Bass with some Chile Lime Buttered corn. O.M.G. I about died and went to heaven!

After dinner, we ventured over to Cheekwood but not before a little GPS snafu thanks to Mr. GrapeJuice. Poor guy, he put in the wrong address, which took us in the completely opposite direction. Eventually, we got it figured out and headed back to where we had already been.
When we got to Cheekwood, they redirected us to another parking lot because theirs was already full!
When we got to the other parking lot, we had to wait for the shuttle bus to come pick up.

The wait was totally worth it though. Just look at the photos below that I took!

Then, on Saturday, I got my pool time in finally, and then we hit up the East Side Hootenanny. There was free live music and food trucks. We really just went for the food trucks though. So delicious!! I got a chicken salad croissant and a Strawberry Colada cupcake which were divine. After our food truck visit, we went to a BYOB painting class. We painted the Nashville skyline with a beautiful blue moon. The class was loads of fun, and I can't wait to do another one!

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