Monday, September 9, 2013

Blogtember {day five}

Take this short personality test and respond to your results
 {via jana lee miller}

 Basically, this means I am...
- responsible
- a planner
- private
- a perfectionist
- organized
- detail oriented
- realistic
- focused
- clean
- punctual
- not spontaneous
- dutiful
- prepared
- cautious
- hard working

{via typology central}

All summed up, I think this means I'm a Type A first child.
And, I'm okay with that.
I already knew all these things about me though.

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And, don't worry.
 I'm in good company with my fellow famous ISTJs:
- George Washington {oh, you know, the first president!}
- Pope Benedict XVI
- Queen Elizabeth II
- Natalie Portman
{for the full list, go here}

Here's what I found interesting about being and ISTJ though...
It's more common in men than women.
People that are ISTJs are strongly linked to the Compulsive and the Schizoid personality

{via enfp forum}

Did you get the same results?
What personality type are you???-

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