Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Your Creativity Has to Go Somewhere!

My in-laws were in town over the long weekend, and we explored Nashville and the surrounding areas. It was a lot of fun - we went downtown, got pedicures while the boys were on a brewery tour, hung out at my parents' pool, toured Murfreesboro & Franklin, & visited Arrington Vineyards.

Did I take any pictures?
Of course not.

But, by the time Monday was coming to a close, I was itching to do something - go shopping or make something. I was sitting at my parents' place and just felt like I needed to do something before I went stir crazy. So, I opened up my pinterest app on my phone and immediately started flipping through my boards until I found this.

{via the effortless chic}

My reaction was that it was simple and quick to make. I realized that I wouldn't need many extra supplies and so I set off for JoAnn's. When I got there, I picked up the seafoam green paper and the rose gold/bronze paper, a bottle of white acrylic paint, foam heart stickers, and a wood frame.

Put 'em all together with glue dots and what do you get?
A finished project in 30 minutes!

If I was any good at cutting a straight line, my background paper would look a little neater around the edges, but that's okay because it's awesome and appeased my need to create.

When I finished my little project, my mom made a good point. She said that since I'm not teaching anymore I have to put my creative energy into something else, and I think she's right! I've been painting and creating up a storm in the last month!!

Now...where to put this...

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