Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blogtember {day three}

Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

I was never really given any advice that really struck a chord with me when I was in school and growing up. In the past three years though, I learned a lot.

I learned that people are mean, like really mean, and mainly behind your back.
And, it sucks.

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It sucks to know that you're trying your very hardest
and people still complain about you to your boss' boss.
Of course, you're going to make a mistake. You're human!!

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So, to all my fellow optimists and believers that there is good in everyone, don't let the mean people get you down. They're not worth it.

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Choose to live your life.
Choose to do your best, whether or not someone agrees with what "your best" is.
But, most importantly, choose to be happy doing it!

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  1. SO true! I hate mean people. And while I sometimes think there are way too many of them out there (there totally are!) I then remember that there are a ton of super great ones too.

    Love the use of graphics too. And Taylor Swift? Perfeccct.

  2. It's so easy to be upset by the negative people around you. But I agree, choose to do your best and not worry what anyone else thinks because you can't please everyone! :-)

  3. I call all of those mean people "fun suckers."

    And how much does it just rile your feathers when people can't speak directly to you about a problem? Um. Hello? Adulthood is calling - maybe pick up the phone? Just sayin'!

    Love me some Pinterest pics!! :)


  4. What a great Taylor Swift graphic. Is it sad that I'm 27 and obsessed with TSwift? haha :)

  5. Thanks for the timely reminder! I write for a living and just got wind that I have a "hate club" of sorts in my day job, which hurt my feelings until I realized . . . meh. Whatever! I'm the one getting paid to do what I love, and they don't have to read what I write. :) Life is too short to worry about it!