Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogtember {day ten}

Write a public love letter to someone in your life

 As a wife, I feel as if this letter should be written to my husband {hi, honey!! xoxo}, even though I really want to write a love letter to Fall TV Shows. So, Mr. GrapeJuice, you win; you're more important to me than TV! =]

Dearest, darling-est Momsie and Popsicle...
{no, wait. those are the lyrics from wicked.}

Dear Husband,

As you and I both know, I'm not very good with words when I have to speak them. My brain gets overrun with so many different ways to say something that I get confused and don't phrase it correctly. I over think it all. So, while you'll probably hate that I'm writing this to you - on the Internet, no less, I'm sorry, but it's the best way to get it all out there because if I don't like how it's phrased I can just press the delete key and start all over again. =] I hope you're not too mad, but...

I love you::
For putting up with my craziness and excuses and procrastination and general nonsense.
For somewhat understanding my social media addiction and letting me have it anyway.
For supporting my decision to quit my job even though I hadn't found another one.
For encouraging and motivating me to run that extra step or mile every time.
For forgiving me every.single.time I forget to do something.
For reminding me when I forget to do that something.
For holding me accountable even though I hate it.
 For understanding me even when I don't.
For promising to love me.
For being you.

I wouldn't be in this perfect place in life if it wasn't for you. We've gotten here together. I know I've made it hard some days, but we've both had our fair share of frustrations. I'm so glad that it's you I picked for forever and always because I wouldn't want it any other matter how much I fuss at you.

And, in the immortal words of Colin Firth from Bridget Jones' Diary::

{via tumblr}

I love you most-est-est-est-est-est,
Your Wife


  1. Aww, what a great letter to your husband and love the picture of the Color Run. I've been wanting to try it for a few years now.

  2. Popping over to your beautiful blog from Blogtember and I just thought I'd let you know how much I loved your letter! It's so important to let our loved ones know just why we love them :) Great post! x