Friday, September 13, 2013

Blogtember {day nine} + TN Blogger Link Up + A Blog Challenge

This is going to be a loaded post with lots of words and pictures and a blog challenge too.
You have been warned.

Once a month, I participate in a TN Blogger Link Up with my fellow TN bloggers thanks to Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier and Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels. This month, we are writing a letter to our former selves about what has happened in the past decade, which is perfect since the Blogtember prompt today is "a self-portrait." The creators of the TN Bloggers link up were inspired by an article from Self, which you can read here if you're interested.

So, without further adieu, here's my letter to my 16 year old self!

{celebrating my 16th birthday with my family. yes, that's a sticker under my eye. don't ask. I don't know why I felt the need to put it there.}

Dear Self:
Don't go to prom!
Don't do it.
It's a waste of your parents money.
Plus, the boy you ask Junior year cancels because he forgets he's supposed to be going on a cruise, which is okay because he's very apologetic and buys you beautiful tulips.
But that means, you get set up with horrible dates both years that abandon you once you get there. (And it's not because you're pathetic. Don't let your sister make you believe that. You just don't know many guys right now, but don't worry. You'll fix that problem when you get to college!)
Oh, and just to warn you, your prom date Senior year dies when you are a freshman in college.
Try not to panic when your sister texts you the news on the way to your last class of the day.
And, in case those warnings aren't enough, just take a look at this photo. That's you on the right.

So, just save yourself the trouble and don't go to prom.
Or, if you want to, go with the girls.
I hear it's better that way.
Okay. Now that I've warned you about prom. Let's get on to the other stuff!
1. Boys are stupid. All of them. They either want to stomp all over your heart or get a little somethin'-somethin'. Try not to be too naive about it. You'll meet mister right when you're twenty. Have fun in the meantime...but not too much fun. Trust me, when the girls pull out the web of boys in college, be glad you're only on it a handful of times!

2. You have friends that don't necessarily care about you right now. Beware! Out of all your friends from high school, you'll only hang out and keep in contact with one of them. She'll end up being the maid of honor at your wedding, and you'll realize all the other girls were petty and not worth the stress. In fact, you won't even bat an eye when they never contact you again.

3. Your senior year of high school, you will get one of the leads in the musical Fiddler on the Roof. You will play Tzeitel! Everyone will be so surprised, but you will kick ass doing it!!! You'll do such a great job that you'll get your minor in theatre in college. Plus, the first show you ever do in college, you'll get the important role of playing Sir Thomas More's daughter in A Man for All Seasons. After you graduate from college, please don't give up on your dreams of performing. You love it! Find a way to do community theatre if you have to.
4. Your freshman year of college you'll make friends with your roommate, and she'll introduce you to a girl from her hometown who's also in the theatre program. Do NOT get too close to her. She's a little...unstable. I think that's the best way to put it.
5. You'll will have a great time in college! Your sophomore year will be spent living with all your best girls. You'll throw birthday parties for each other and form friendships that will never fade. 

Your junior year you'll join a local sorority that you will help take national...well, international, really, by finding the right pick your senior year. 

Your junior year you will also meet the man of your dreams on a snowy night while he makes fun of you. You fall in love with him from the start. 
Your senior year will be busy with student teaching, and while I don't want to burst your bubble, you may want to think about not being a teacher. You fall in love with social media after college so a business and communication degree is not a bad idea.
Now, I don't want to tell you anymore about what will happen. I want to focus on you right now. You are 16 and amazing! And, you are so incredibly blessed!!! Trust me when I say that I know you don't believe me, but it's true. You are perfect just the way you are. It's going to take you quite awhile, nearly four years, before you really feel confident in yourself, but don't let it slow you down. It doesn't matter what others say or try to tell you because only you get to decide who you are, how you feel, and what you will do with your life! Be brave. Take a chance. Make a difference. But, most importantly, love every single particle of your life!!!

Forever and always,
The Somewhat Older and Wiser You
Did you hang in there with me to the end?
Good, because that means you get to read all about an awesome self-portrait blog challenge I was contacted about earlier this week.

It's called The #SwiftlyPainted Self Portrait Challenge.

And, here's what you need to know!
Each month, Jessica and Annmarie will supply prompts.
The only rule is: you have to take a photo of yourself each month!
You can preview the prompts on their blogs right now so you can wrap your head around it all and plan out your ideas.
{See the ISTJ coming out in me? Haha}

But, I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to be a part of it.
Only a couple more weeks to go!
It starts October 1st.
So, get those cameras ready, ladies & gents, and keep up with my year long + one month self portrait photo shoot over at The FunEmployed Ladies.
{I've convinced my girl Mary to join in.}
It should be very informative & lots of fun!!


  1. Girl, don't feel bad. Here in Texas we did the sticker thing to.I love the way you worded number 4. So polite of you.

  2. High school friend drama stinks! But at least you got one lifelong friend out of it! Thanks so much for linking up with us, your letter rocks!

  3. This was great! And lovin the pictures :) Did you end up getting your teaching degree? I taught for 2 years and I don't regret any part of it but given the chance I might have told my younger self to consider my other options too.