Friday, September 6, 2013

Blogtember {day four}

A story about a time when you were very afraid

Does watching scary movies count?
Because those bad boys freak me out every.single.time.

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I literally cannot watch them without covering my eyes and ears.

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I once woke up in the middle of the night when I was a teen and couldn't go back to sleep so I watched a movie on TV - Rosemary's Baby.

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The title makes it look like it's going to be such a happy movie filled with love, baby showers, and cute, little chubby cheeks.
But noooooooooooo. This movie does not invoke happiness!
I was scarred. Traumatized, really. And beyoooooond creeped out.
You can bet I didn't fall back to sleep that night!

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I just don't like scary things and being afraid.
I prefer happy things in my life all the time!

 But, if I have to be serious for two seconds, I was really afraid last winter because my family (my husband, my mom, and my dad) was falling apart - health wise. I didn't know what to do with myself because I was so panicked about their issues and what could happen. But, everything turned out fine, and everyone is back to being healthy!

So, for now, I'll just go back to being deathly afraid of scary movies!

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  1. Love all the kitty pics! :) I fear for my family's health too!

    Scary movies.. yeah.. no thank you! haha

  2. glad everyone is back to being health!! Love the popcorn picture!!

  3. haha I like to say that I like scary movies but they still freak me out. Just seeing the commercials makes me sure that I will be murdered in my bed that night.