Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Blogtember! {day one}

Happy September, all!
I can't believe it's already here, and I'm so excited.
I love every season for different reasons, but I love Fall because the leaves begin changing colors and TV shows are back.
I love September this year because I'm having professional pictures taken of Mr. GrapeJuice & I in two weeks and I'm doing a daily blog link up called "Blogtember" hosted by Jenni @ Story of My Life to get back into the swing of blogging this fall.

Here's a little bit about Blogtember:
There are no rules.
There's a link up option at the bottom of each day's post.
Posting of other content is encouraged.
Jenni would love if you'd include the button she made. {like I did above}
And, if you visit her blog, Jenni has already created all the topics for the month!

It's fool proof!

Today: Describe where or what you come from - the people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

I am who I am because of these people!
{mom. dad, sister}

& this little dude too.

I also had some help figuring out who I am thanks to these ladies too!

Grade School Girls
High School Ladies

Besties For Life

Oh, and this guy's pretty important in my life too!

I spent most of my life growing up in Nashville & that's where I still live.
{via tennessean}

I was born in Jackson, TN though and lived there until I was 7.

The only bone I ever broke was my collarbone by falling off a jungle gym my dad made.

I have had four eye surgeries.

I loved to play dress up!

And, finally, this trip to Disney World changed my life!


  1. I loved seeing your life in pictures, they are so lovely and must hold special memories for you :-)

  2. i'm so excited for blogtember! and so happy that "there are no rules," so when i don't follow the prompts, i can still be excited that i'm just blogging.

    these photos are awesome. i love going through my mom's old family photo albums. the wedding photos are gorgeous.

  3. Nashville is HANDS DOWN my favorite place for a weekend getaway! Love the pictures!