Friday, July 26, 2013

Happies & Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

1. I started a new blogging adventure - The FunEmployed Ladies - which I posted about yesterday.
2. I've had three interviews in the past week.
3. I painted fun things!
4. My husband and I are watching The Office from the very beginning.
5. Most of my house is clean.
6. I love making ice cream at home, and I'm pretty awesome at it!

1. I miss reading the Imdalind series.
2. I'm still not employed.
3. I still have to clean the rest of my house.
4. My husband has been begging for banana ice cream, and I haven't made it yet. {Sorry, honey!}


  1. I hope something comes from one of your interviews!

  2. Stopping by from the Happies and crappies. Homemade Ice cream is amazing!!! Good luck with the job search.

  3. Homemade banana ice cream sounds hard to make. That's what she said!

  4. Have you seen on pinterest the recipe for banana ice cream -- it's something like just a banana and peanut butter? A frozen banana, I think. I dunno, it seemed healthy!
    YAY for your house being clean but BOO for still having more to clean. It's never ending.