Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Games We Play

My husband and I have games we like to play. We don't usually play board games, although my husband would absolutely love it if I would. I just don't care for them. I like more mental games like Scattergories and Pictionary.

But, the games we do play are super fun! {and challenge our memories sometimes}

One game we like to play is with Nicholas Sparks movies.

 A couple of years ago, we noticed that someone dies in all his books at the end.
So, we like to pick the person who will die while watching the movies since neither of us has ever read the books.
It sounds kind of morbid, but, if you know it's going to happen, why not predict?

The other game we like to play is with my Sirius radio when we're driving places, especially if we have the nav screen pulled up.
We put the radio on the Millennium station {I think that's what it's called}, and we try to guess the year it was released without looking.
It makes us feel old sometimes, but it's so much fun reminiscing to find the year it happened.

Do you play any games like that?
Please tell me we're not the only ones!

source :: andseen {wordpress}