Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Car Curse

Okay...I'm hesitantly writing this post and knocking on wood the whole time because I need all the luck I can get!

I have terrible luck with cars.
In three years, I totaled two cars.

My first car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee when I got my driver's license!!

I'm proud to say that nothing happened to this car while I drove it!
However, it goes downhill fast from here...

My senior year, my mom decided to buy a new car so I got hers - a Toyota Avalon.
It was my soccer mom car, and I loved it to pieces.
I would've driven it forever if I could.

The weather had other plans for it though.
On the weekend before the big flood in Nashville in 2010, I hydroplaned across all four lanes of interstate traffic and hit the retaining wall. I ended up facing the wrong way.
Thankfully, my brother and I were not hurt, but I can't say the same for the car.

It still makes me sad.
But, I moved on, regretfully.

I bought my next car - a Lexus RX 300 - from my grandparents.
I played into my grandfather's need for new toys to get it from them. =]

I put this poor baby through two accidents within 2 months.
One was my fault and the other was not.

The first thing I did was run into the side of my house.
How embarassing!!!
I destroyed the back panel of my Lexus {over $2,000 worth of damage}, and I knocked the water spicket off the house, which cause a water leak in my crawl space.

Not even a month after getting my baby back, some tramp ran through a red light and totaled my car.
She claimed that the light was green, but, thankfully, the construction workers on the corner corroborated my story.
Again, I wasn't hurt, but I was definitely sore for the next few weeks.

{Side note: why do my totaled cars always end up with a crooked smile?}

So, then, I had to be a big girl and buy a car at a dealership.
It was scary!!
I'm not good at negotiating, but Mr. GrapeJuice is.
So, we car shopped for a couple weekends until I found my next vehicle - a Hyundai Sonata.

I've been really good to her. 
She's only been in one scrape while we were on vacation in SC when someone backed into her.
They owned up to it and paid for everything.
The bumper and light were fixed within a week!
And now, since I'm a little bit unemployed, she sits in my driveway away from the danger of the road!

I beginning to think that I should have a stay at home job...

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  1. I am shocked your Avalon wasn't more damaged than that and that you came out okay! Knock on wood, I've only been in one "wreck" I rear-ended a small truck when I was 21. The worse part was when my dad arrived and the guy I ran into asked me if my dad was my husband.......

  2. Glad you were okay after all those accidents. I once scraped the side of my car in high school by hitting one of those cement pillars at a drive thru haha