Wednesday, July 3, 2013

W.I.R.W. #12

You guys, I read two more books!!!
I feel so accomplished. =]

A Light on the Veranda
This was a beautiful story, and I loved it.
Apparently, this was a sequel book, but I couldn't tell.
It works as a stand alone, and if you like Southern towns and history, I suggest you read this book.
Daphne is a harpist who moves back to the land of her ancestors and is somewhat haunted by them. It was a heart-wrenching story that was hard to put down.
This book really brought out my Southern side, and it's been hard to suppress it ever since. =]
The Capture if the Earl of Glencrae
Keeping with the theme of reading sequels, I read this book. It's part of a trilogy, but I got this book as a Kindle Daily Deal. I explored the first two books, but the summaries didn't do it for me.
So, I just read this book as a stand alone too. And, despite being confused by the names of the characters because some of them had two, I really enjoyed it.
There was a lot of manipulation going on and a great climax at the end.
I'll be honest. You pretty much know what's going to happen from the beginning, but I loved reading how they got to the end and reached their goal.
Now, I need to find another historical fiction to read. Anyone have suggestions?

source :: goodreads

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  1. I really enjoyed "The King's Mistress" by Emma Campion. It's based on real historical figures and I thought it was really well-written.