Monday, July 22, 2013

How He Popped "The Question"

Over the weekend, I was planning out my posts for the week and realized that I never blogged about how Mr. GrapeJuice proposed. It's hard to believe that it's been four years since that crazy night in May, but I will never forget it!

After we graduated, we decided to take a vacation - just the two of us. Mr. GrapeJuice planned the whole thing because he found a great deal for the Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City. The only thing he consulted me on was whether or not I wanted to do it. In hindsight, I should have seen the proposal coming, but I was so consumed with the end of college and packing my dorm room that I didn't clue in.

Before I tell you how he did it, I want to give a little background about me, my personality, and our dating history. Basically, I pretty much knew from the beginning that I was going to marry my husband. I can vividly remember being so conflicted about it too. And, I know I talked my girl Kelly's ear off about it. {Sorry, Kels!}

Being that I was thoroughly convinced about marrying this guy, I dragged him into every jewelry store we encountered and showed him the rings I wanted. I even think we had a facebook conversation where I sent him several pictures of rings I liked. Yet, he still managed to surprise me!

Okay, back to being at Harrah's...
They had jewelry shops there, and can you guess what I did? Showed him the ones I wanted! {As I type this, I am mentally slapping my forehead for how forward I was! I can't believe he put up with that.} Finally, on out last night, I sat in one of the bars, writing my maid of honor speech for my sister's wedding, while Mr. GrapeJuice gambled. Only, he wasn't gambling. He was setting up a proposal that fits him to a T.

Here's what he was doing while I was drinking and writing my MOH speech...
Instead of gambling, he went back up to the room and grabbed the ring that he had already bought and brought with him. He set up the room by putting the the gift box the ring comes in on my pillow. Then, he slipped the ring box into his pocket and came back downstairs I gamble. He visited me a couple times at the bar, and even thought about proposing there but chickened out. He does not like being in the spotlight. And, just so you know, I never realized there was a ring box bulge in his pocket. Observant, I was not that night.

Around midnight, he came back to the bar, and I started to whine about being tired. He told me to come gamble with him for th last $10. Mind you, I was impressed that he still had money because he would only use so much money each time he gambled. If I had known what was going on, I would not have been as impressed that he still had money to spend. So, I begrudgingly went with him, and I don't know what games we played because I don't gamble. I know that we played one game that involved numbers. We used our birthdays, our anniversary, and that day's date. Again, Captain Clueless right here!

Eventually, my whining won out, and we headed upstairs just before midnight. I didn't much pay attention as we walked into the room. I threw my bag on the floor and turned to the bed. There, I saw the gift box on my pillow. I called my husband's name and walked to the bed tentatively. I thought it was a joke! I never imagined that he would propose like this. I opened the box, and it was empty! Now, I was mad. I turned around to yell at my husband, but I didn't see him. I tore through the hotel room trying to find him, until I finally flung open the room door. I was ready to chase him down and rip his head off for such a cruel joke. I nearly tripped other him when I opened the door though because he was down on one knee hold the ring box up to me. There was no long speech like in the movies telling me how wonderful I am, and that's okay with me because that doesn't fit us. All he did was asking me to marry him, and I burst into tears. All I could do was nod. However, he kept asking me until I verbally said yes. Then, he slipped the ring onto my finger, and it fit perfectly, like in all the books and movies!

The rest is history!


  1. Don't feel bad because when we went just to look at rings we found a great deal on wedding bands and an engagement ring so we put it on layaway right there. Luckily I didn't know when the husband was getting it out of layaway so I got to be proposed to as a surprise.

  2. Aw what a cute story :) I love engagement stories, especially since I don't have one of my own haha