Wednesday, July 31, 2013

W.I.R.W. #16

I'm catching up, folks!
I read three books this past week.
Two of them were duds and the other was not what I expected it to be from the description.

The two duds were:
{it started out good but tried to wrap up too quickly}

{which had a good premise but developed and ended abruptly}

The book different from its description was:
{I found the character whiny, and the book wasn't as funny as I had hoped. But, I did enjoy it!}

Here's where I currently stand in my 2013 book goal:
Which means, at the end of July, I'm halfway there {and only 3 books behind schedule}!!!

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  1. I hate it when a book is a let down.

    1. Me too. I was in the mood for a funny book, and it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I was thinking more along the lines of Princess Diaries for adults, but it wasn't. =[ Here's to the next book though!